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Updated 1 March 2006
        Lavasoft Adaware and AVG Free edition are introding new versions of their programs. Find out more from the links above.
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"Computer Systems and Networking Solutions" provides services and products in the application of information, implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and consultation on computer and computer networking projects. Ensuring the safety and accessibility of data, the proficent operation of computer networks and networking services. See Services for more information.
Nice upgrade 512MB of DDR2 and a notebook carry bag. $160
For the latest virus information please see the links below or send us an email if you have any questions.
Much more to come check back for updates.
Looking for Local Toowoomba Websites try
"Toowoomba's Online Directory"
Nortons Symantec

Windows update
Browse to our Helpfull tips page and check the latest virus information. From Panda Antivirus . Updated approx. every 5 mins. Also available on our helpfull tips page is a link to the free, online antivirus, "Panda ActiveScan".
Flexirent new computer systems from $16 per week brochures available and more info please email
Have a suggestion for our site please email.
When it comes to computer systems, computer networks or computer based communication

We provide solutions.

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